Je Ne Sais Quoi Engagement Rings: Smoky Quartz Gemstone Rings

smoky quartz gemstone rings
Smoky Quartz Gemstone Ring

It is very rare for a piece of jewelry, more specifically a gemstone ring, to evoke an air of mystery and calm, but this is precisely what a smoky quartz gemstone ring does. Unique and timeless, a smoky quartz gemstone ring can make a great engagement ring.

One must note that the essential attributes that makes for a great engagement ring are: classic, timeless, and unique. And these are the exact characteristics that a smoky quartz gemstone ring embodies. Practically everyone has similar engagement rings these days, and most of them are made of diamonds, but with a smoky quartz gemstone ring your engagement can have that certain je ne sais quoi.

Speaking of je ne sais quoi, one does not need a honeymoon trip to Paris, to look effortlessly chic: a beautiful smoky quartz gemstone engagement ring purchased from should do the trick!

As previously mentioned, smoky quartz gemstones are known to be calming, and even quite mysterious, perhaps because of their color. Also because of their color, they make versatile engagement rings: they are sufficiently attractive, but not too loud or vulgar.’s Solitaire Oval Cut Smoky Quartz Diamond Gemstone Rings in White Gold would make simple, yet elegant engagement rings, while the Solitaire Radiant Cut Smoky Quartz and Diamond Gemstone Ring in Yellow Gold and the Smoky Quartz and Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in Yellow Gold are pieces that even the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor herself would be glad to add to her own collection (of both proposals and rings)!

So if you’re afraid you’ll fumble at proposing, Keep calm, and propose with a smoky quartz gemstone ring from

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