Jewelry Trends On The Rise: Blue Topaz Diamond Rings

What is a blue topaz? Well, pure topaz is a transparent to near colorless stone found in the mines of Brazil, Russia and Pakistan. So how does a topaz turn blue? Even though natural blue topaz is quite rare to find, some have a hint of blue which is then captivated by irradiation to brighten the stones facets to a fuller blue color.

White Gold Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Ring
White Gold Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

The blue hue of a topaz can vary in its source of heat, whether it be natural heat or created by an engineer, the color can change quite drastically.

  • London Blue Topaz – The darkest blue
  • Electric Blue Topaz – The best blue being very vibrant and sharp blue color
  • Sierra Blue Topaz – A medium blue hue not as deep as Electric blue topaz
  • Swiss Blue Topaz – Quite similar to Sierra blue topaz with less hue.
  • Sky Blue Topaz – A pale blue color that’s light.
  • Light Blue Topaz – Almost colorless with a very slight blue color

What is the metaphysical meaning of a blue topaz? Blue topaz is a stone of true love and success in all endeavors. It promotes creativity and individuality along with the expression of thought and opinion. It has been said to help and inspire the use of imagination. It also activates the laws of attraction and manifestation. Blue topaz is also the birthstone for the month of December, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

Incorporating a blue topaz along with a lady’s best friend, diamonds, is a sure bet for those trying to impress but still remain classy. Blue topaz diamond rings are becoming more popular by the day, with more and more customers requesting blue topaz rings, the demand is becoming quite high. Many unique designs are featuring blue topaz for its distinctive color, and unique cuts. Some familiar cuts are round, princess and oval cuts, but as of recently they have featured some more eye catching cuts like pear, Marquise, radiant and even trilliant.

Jewelry designers prefer to use blue topaz gemstones in their unique designs surrounded by dazzling diamonds to give the appearance of a truly regal look without the regal cost. Blue topaz is also very cost effective shopping substitute instead of the more pricey and less quality gemstones like sapphires or aquamarines. Many companies have started to sell blue topaz diamond rings with simple solitaire designs cascading with diamonds, but now you can find more unique and chic designs featuring small round cut blue topazes or a large single blue topaz surrounding by illuminating diamonds.

So if you’re shopping this holiday season and looking for that perfect ring that will showcase your true feelings just ask yourself “Who wouldn’t love the gift of a stone that represents love and fidelity accompanied by shimmering diamonds!”

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