Marry Me: Gemstone Wedding Bands

Wedding bands have certainly evolved throughout the years. While simple wedding bands similar to the one that Kate Middleton wears symbolizing her union with the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, is considered quite conservative these days, gemstone wedding bands, on the other hand, can be considered quite stylish, while still remaining to be timeless.

The more commonly used type of wedding bands today are called, “eternity rings.”
Combine both popular trends—the eternity ring, and gemstone wedding bands—and you’ll get one of’s beautiful gemstone wedding bands: the Ruby Gemstone Eternity Band in White Gold. Handcrafted in 18k white gold, with ruby gemstones and diamonds, this wedding band is simple, yet timeless and elegant, with its eternity design.

If you need convincing, here are some reasons why gemstone wedding bands are a great idea:

If you have gemstone/s on your engagement ring, a matching gemstone wedding ring would make the perfect touch to the ring finger.

While celebrities and regular-folk alike are in on the trend with gemstone engagement rings, very few actually have gemstone wedding bands; be unique and be among the first to don one!
Gemstones add that touch of unique—not to mention color!—to one’s otherwise plain and common wedding band.

Have I mentioned color? There are a variety of different gemstones, in different colors. Color is attractive, and what better way to show off your wedding band than with a pretty color!

Be timeless, be unique, be colorful: say “Forever,” “I Love You” and “I do” in gemstone wedding bands from

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