Grown Up Christmas List: Gold Necklaces

gold necklaces
Gold Necklace

“Silver and gold, silver and gold/Ev’ryone wishes for silver and gold” goes the classic Johnny Marks Christmas song, “Silver and Gold.” And by “Silver and Gold” I don’t just mean decorations on the Christmas tree—it’s all about the jewelry!

And while silver is a pretty color, this Christmas, go for the gold—to be more specific, go for the Gold Necklaces, from Santa and his elves can’t spin straw into gold—well, nobody can, really, but is coming close! has “beautiful and unique handmade jewelry of the finest craftsmanship,” and these include gold necklaces, and beautiful pendants to match!

People forget that Christmas isn’t just for the little kids who still believe in Santa, and that grown-up Christmas lists actually go way beyond that nice knife set, fruitcake, and itchy wool sweater—one way or another, “ev’ryone” actually wishes for gold necklaces: whether it’s yellow gold or white gold, every gal has got to have one—at least once in her life!

This Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to give the gift of a gold necklace. And since they’re sold at amazingly affordable prices at, why not get gold necklaces for all the females in your life? And maybe even one for yourself? Retailing for only $90, these handcrafted 14k yellow/white gold necklaces are staple pieces of accessories, and are definite must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe.

So make a girl’s grown up Christmas wish list come true by getting a gold necklace from

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