Jade Pendants For The Inner Empress In You

Every little girl, at some point in her life or another, has always dreamed of being a little princess, or at least about having some royal blood. Tiaras, crowns, scepters and even jade pendants are some accessories that are often associated with royalty. Royalty and weddings! But unlike the tiaras, crowns and scepters, jade pendants don’t always entail spending an obscene amount of money. Plus, they can be worn practically every day without looking ridiculous (FYI, tiaras can’t be worn to work, no matter how discreetly you try).

Jade Pendants
21K Yellow Gold Chinese Jade Pendant

It is quite a well-known fact in Chinese history and culture that royalties, particularly Empresses during the Qing Dynasty, wore jade pendants. For instance, Empress Wanrong, wife of the last Emperor of China and final ruler of the Qing Dynasty, Puyi, wore a jade pendant on her wedding day—the very same one that is now on display at an exhibit in Taipei. It is undoubtedly one of her many pendants—because as an Empress you’re likely to have more than just that one.

But thanks to Povada.com, you no longer have to be Chinese royalty, nor belong to the Qing Dynasty era to wear and own a stunning jade pendant. You don’t have to throw a wedding to have an excuse to wear one either, as unlike tiaras, you can wear a jade pendant every day—whether it’s to work or to play (Party!). Povada.com’s beautiful 14K Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Jade Heart Pendant in 0.10 Ctw, would transition well from work day accessory, to night-time cocktail party accessory. And yes, you can even wear it to your own wedding! It’s the epitome of oriental sophistication, just like Empress Wanrong.

No need to time-travel to the Qing Dynasty era or marry an Emperor. With a click of a button, you can embrace the inner Empress in you with beautiful jade pendants from Povada.com.

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