Men’s Gold Bracelets Fit For The Sexiest Man Alive

What do all girls from the age of 14-41 (possibly even older AND younger) aside from being female? The common crush on uber-cool, once ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ Johnny Depp.

What is it exactly? The tattoos? The eyes? The smolder? The sometimes-long-often-unkept hair? Whatever it is, the man is the walking epitome of cool. You may not achieve the same level of über-coolness, but there’s no harm in trying. So why not try wearing a men’s gold bracelet just like the ones Johnny Depp has occasionally been spotted to wear? Be dapper and cool, and follow Johnny Depp’s lead by donning handsome men’s gold bracelets from

Men’s gold bracelets can range from flashy and sparkly to casual and understated, and name it has it in every single style! All of which are guaranteed to give you that über-cool status you’ve wanted since seeing 21 Jump Street in the 1980s.

14K Yellow Gold Mens Fancy Bracelet 9" 14 mm
14K Yellow Gold Mens Fancy Bracelet 9" 14 mm

If you’re going for the classic men’s bracelet, the 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Cuban Bracelet in 8.5”7mm is lustrous and perfect. Prefer white gold? The 14K White Gold Men’s Cuban Bracelet in 8”5mm is classy and sophisticated—even Jack Sparrow would look cleaned up and classier. Looking for something that’ll go well with your daily all-black ensemble? The 14K White Gold Men’s Fancy Onyx Bracelet in 8.75” 8 mm would certainly match your wardrobe. For something more minimal and with less design, the 18K White Gold Men’s Bracelet in 8”7mm is suitable choice as well—just throw on a hat and some glasses…and voila! Brace yourself as beautiful ladies around might start throwing themselves at your feet. Going for the gold (excuse the pun) and the Sexiest Man Alive status? Try’s stunning 14K Gold Black Rhodium Plated Men’s Diamond Bracelet in 2.50 Ctw. It’s cool and sexy.

No need to date a model, grow some scruff and dress in pirate garb to be as cool as Johnny Depp. Just head on over to and snag yourself some men’s gold bracelet booty, and you’re already cooler than Johnny Depp.

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