Boho Chic Onyx Ball Bead Bracelets

If you look at nearly every glossy fashion magazine, you’ll most likely see at least one It-Girl channeling her wannabe-Kate Moss and rocking boho-chic style (bohemian chic, for those not in the know) during their downtime off the red carpet, runway, and/or films. While those maxi skirts, dresses, and headbands are easy to find, those pretty stacks of bead bracelets aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, and they are sure to complete your boho-chic look.

What do quintessential boho-chic girls like Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen (and practically every other It-Girl in Hollywood) have in common? That’s right—stacks and stacks of bead bracelets.’s plethora of beautiful and unique onyx ball bead bracelets would make for fantastic accessories. They have onyx ball bead bracelets in practically every style and color available! Cute, chic and colorful, these bead bracelets would be the envy of every bohemian-chic girl from Coachella to Woodstock to the Glastonbury Festival. has plain bead bracelets like Red, Grey and Black Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet or the Gold and Grey Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet, and features a cute small dragon hanging from the opposite end of the string. It retails for $89, and is available in numerous color combinations (14 total!). But the sky’s the limit on these Onyx Ball Bead Bracelets. If you prefer much larger beads, also has them in various colors (which retails for $125), such as the Turquoise Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet, Red, White and Blue Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet (if you’re feeling patriotic), or the Red and White Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet—just to name a few. Feel like sparkling and splurging? also has onyx ball bead bracelets with Swarovski crystals! The Black Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet with Black and White Swarovski Crystals or the Grey Onyx Ball Bead Flower Bracelet with Purple and Black Swarovski Crystals are both boho-chic and wearable for nighttime events!

Embrace your boho chic style with these onyx ball bead bracelets from!

Onyx Ball Bead Bracelets
Black Onyx Ball Bead Black Diamond Bracelet for Women 5.05 Ctw
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