Unleash Your Inner Catwoman With An Onyx Diamond Gemstone Ring

Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold
Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold

With “The Dark Knight Rises” hardly letting up on the Box Office, every single gal who wants to snag a Bruce Wayne is left wondering, “How can I look like Selina Kyle?” Tight-fitting, body-hugging, spandex-ish catsuit and killer heels aside, one way you can channel Selina Kyle (aka Anne Hathaway), is by donning a sleek onyx diamond gemstone ring from Povada.com.

Sure Bruce Wayne gave Selina Kyle some pretty pearls his mother once wore, but how about a little ‘Something New?’ Like an onyx diamond gemstone ring. A-list actress Anne Hathaway who plays Selina Kyle has been spotted off the set and out of character, wearing a stunning onyx diamond gemstone ring that retails for nearly $30,000. At Povada.com, you can get something as equally stunning but for a much more affordable price. Definitely the kind of steal bargain that Selina Kyle would approve of!

For something more sleek and simple, the Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (which retails for $309) is ideal. For something more upscale and befitting your ‘nightly prowls,’ the Solitaire Round Cut Amethyst Onyx and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (retails for $277) is definitely red carpet/A-list Hollywood Party-worthy. For something incredibly affordable, it could give Anne Hathaway’s own borrowed onyx and diamond gemstone ring a run for its money!

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a whimsical meow—maybe less Anne Hathaway-as-Selina Kyle, and more Anne-Hathaway-as-cat-loving-Princess Diaries’ Mia Thermopolis—the pretty Diamond and Onyx Fashion Star Gemstone Ring in White Gold, which sells for only $404, is a great catch!

Whatever your style and preference is, if you’re looking to channel Anne Hathaway or any of her brilliant characters, look to Povada.com for numerous onyx diamond gemstone rings to choose from. They’re definitely the cat’s meow!

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