Because You Are Not Like Anyone Else: A Black Diamond Ring

Let’s face it, Black will always be the new Black…it’s a chic, classic, versatile, neutral shade. And diamonds are forever. That’s why this Holiday season (it’s not too early to plan ahead!) give your loved one a pretty black diamond ring.

That’s what former Korn guitarist, Rob Patterson did to Carmen Electra: He proposed with a stunning black diamond ring.’s Flower Cluster White Gold Black and White Diamond Ring slightly resembles the engagement ring Patterson gave Carmen Electra.

In Sex and the City 2 (2010), Big gifted fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw with a pretty big black diamond ring telling her, “because you are not like anyone else.” Show your loved one that she too isn’t like anyone else. Want a similar ring? has several black diamond rings in white gold that could rival the jaw-dropping one that Big gave Carrie Bradshaw. The Flower White Gold Pave Black And White Round Cut Diamond Ring is charming, flirty, and definitely unique! But one particular black diamond ring worth splurging on is the Grid White Gold Black And White Round Cut Diamond Ring, which features a 16 diamond grid center surrounded by a dazzling row of black diamonds.

Whether it’s for an engagement ring, a promise ring, or just a plain old gift, a black diamond ring is a perfect combination of chic, edgy, and classic; a timeless piece that would go effortlessly well with any piece of your special someone’s wardrobe. And did I mention that it’s the perfect way to say, “because you are not like anyone else?!” Say “You are special,” “You are unique” and “You are forever,” with the gift of a black diamond ring from

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