Do It Like A Lady: Wear Pearl Necklaces

Audrey Hepburn. Coco Chanel. What did they have in common? Aside from having exquisite taste in clothes, exuding class, and having a penchant for black and all things chic, their most iconic images depict them wearing beautiful pearl necklaces.

Fear not lady-in-the-making! One does not have to be a fashion icon, nor a grumpy grandmother or a matron or a snobby Park Ave trophy-wife to sport pearl necklaces. The Queen wears pearl necklaces, Lady Diana wore pearl necklaces, Grace Kelly wore pearl necklaces, the late, great Elizabeth Taylor wore pearl necklaces—even current First Lady Michelle Obama wears them. All the classy women wear pearl necklaces. But women over the age of 40 aren’t the only ones wearing pearls; hip young Hollywood starlets wear them too. For instance, even edgy Rihanna won’t shy away from wearing pearl necklaces. And the same goes for It Girl-of-the-moment, Blake Lively.

Face it: pearl necklaces are practically a staple piece in every woman’s wardrobe; they are not only classy but also exude elegance and sophistication. And lest you think pearl necklaces are only for dressing up like Holly Golightly—black dresses aren’t the only outfits that go with pearl necklaces. Try wearing a pearl necklace with a plain white tee, and your favorite comfortable jeans. The result? Très très chic!

No need to be part of a bourgeois family either to own your own pair of pearl necklaces. But if you think a string of pearls is a bit overwhelming for starters, sells a very pretty cubic zirconia and pear necklace in yellow gold, that feature channels that separate the pearls. So, are you ready to be a lady?

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