Symbolize Eternity with Diamond Circle Pendants

Diamond Circle Pendants
Diamond Circle Pendants

Why don’t men start breaking tradition and propose with diamond circle pendants? It’s not really a bad idea, and I can think of a few reasons why.

1. Drop the cliché. When we think of jewelry pieces used to symbolize eternity or forever, we automatically think of rings. A ring is shaped like a circle, which has no beginning and no end. But so does a circle-shaped necklace pendant or a pair of circle-shaped earrings for that matter. If you want to subvert life’s little clichés without going overboard, then get ready to step out of the box just a little bit. A diamond circle pendant is just perfect for a non-traditional but still traditionally acceptable engagement token.

2. Diamond circle pendants are always wearable with a chain, no matter the finger size. When it comes to planning a proposal, men have one major common problem: How to get her finger size without ruining the surprise. They go to great lengths conspiring with their lady-love’s best friend, “stealing” her ring, and whatever gimmick is most possible and convenient. With a diamond circle pendant, however, there’s no more need to connive and steal, because she can wear it regardless of what size her finger is. You can plan your surprise proposal without the risk of your lady-love ever finding out about it.

3. Diamond circle pendants are forever, literally. Let’s face it: a common problem among women is that as they age and have children, their size changes. Many women have to have their engagement and wedding rings altered so they could continue wearing them as their finger size gets bigger over the years. With a diamond circle pendant as the engagement ring alternative, you can be sure there will be no need for alterations.

4. A circle pendant is not easily misplaced. The problem with rings is that they are easily misplaced. This is because you have to take the ring off in order to do various chores and activities, like washing the dishes, cooking, baking, gardening, doing the laundry, etc. You can do some of these activities even without taking your necklace and your pendant off, but if you do need to take it off your neck, it’s not easy to lose them as they are much bigger or bulkier.

So these are the reasons why a diamond circle pendant makes a perfect alternative to symbolize eternal love and commitment.

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