What Fine Diamond Jewelry is About

Many people do not know exactly what fine diamond jewelry – or fine jewelry for that matter –
means. This is rather understandable, as there really is no exact definition in the first place.

The definition for fine jewelry is something that is not absolute and that differs from person to
person, especially when it comes to karats. For instance, while one would say that the body
should be 18-24K gold, another source would say that the minimum is 14k and that anything less is
costume jewelry. While treated materials already qualify as fine jewelry, there are still those who
say fine jewelry should be all pure and untreated. One thing is for sure, though: fine jewelry means
those jewelry pieces that are of superior quality and made of the best and most natural of materials.

Fine Diamond Jewelry
Fine Diamond Jewelry

But to us at Povada, fine jewelry is jewelry coming in any shape or size that is made with precious metals like gold, silver, and also platinum, and that is set with natural or precious/semi-precious stones. Fine
diamond jewelry, for one, are pieces that only have authentic and untreated diamonds. Most
diamond wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, and diamond bridal jewelry pieces are
therefore considered examples of fine jewelry.

Our fine diamond jewelry makes use of the finest metals and carefully chosen diamonds; all of our pieces are exclusively designed and meticulously crafted by experienced jewelry makers. Because of this,
they make the perfect heirlooms. Their great value, their timeless elegance and beauty, and their
ability to last many many years without tarnishing makes them great jewelry pieces to pass from one
generation to the next.

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