Men’s Gold Bracelets Fit For The Sexiest Man Alive

What do all girls from the age of 14-41 (possibly even older AND younger) aside from being female? The common crush on uber-cool, once ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ Johnny Depp.

What is it exactly? The tattoos? The eyes? The smolder? The sometimes-long-often-unkept hair? Whatever it is, the man is the walking epitome of cool. You may not achieve the same level of über-coolness, but there’s no harm in trying. So why not try wearing a men’s gold bracelet just like the ones Johnny Depp has occasionally been spotted to wear? Be dapper and cool, and follow Johnny Depp’s lead by donning handsome men’s gold bracelets from

Men’s gold bracelets can range from flashy and sparkly to casual and understated, and name it has it in every single style! All of which are guaranteed to give you that über-cool status you’ve wanted since seeing 21 Jump Street in the 1980s.

14K Yellow Gold Mens Fancy Bracelet 9" 14 mm
14K Yellow Gold Mens Fancy Bracelet 9" 14 mm

If you’re going for the classic men’s bracelet, the 10K Yellow Gold Men’s Cuban Bracelet in 8.5”7mm is lustrous and perfect. Prefer white gold? The 14K White Gold Men’s Cuban Bracelet in 8”5mm is classy and sophisticated—even Jack Sparrow would look cleaned up and classier. Looking for something that’ll go well with your daily all-black ensemble? The 14K White Gold Men’s Fancy Onyx Bracelet in 8.75” 8 mm would certainly match your wardrobe. For something more minimal and with less design, the 18K White Gold Men’s Bracelet in 8”7mm is suitable choice as well—just throw on a hat and some glasses…and voila! Brace yourself as beautiful ladies around might start throwing themselves at your feet. Going for the gold (excuse the pun) and the Sexiest Man Alive status? Try’s stunning 14K Gold Black Rhodium Plated Men’s Diamond Bracelet in 2.50 Ctw. It’s cool and sexy.

No need to date a model, grow some scruff and dress in pirate garb to be as cool as Johnny Depp. Just head on over to and snag yourself some men’s gold bracelet booty, and you’re already cooler than Johnny Depp.

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Green Amethyst Rings For The Preppy Girl

GreenAmethyst Rings
Solitaire Cushion Cut Green Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring In 14K White Gold

Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean that just because you’re leaving your rented Hamptons beach house (or wherever it is that you vacation—Nantucket?), you have to start putting away your chinos, polo shirts and Lilly Pulitzer dresses. Why hide your inner-preppy style? You may not be able to flaunt those chinos and the Ralph Lauren blazers all-year long, but you can certainly still be preppy-chic with some green amethyst rings from!

Green amethyst rings are cool and elegant with the added bonus of being laid-back and minimal as opposed to too flashy. Pair a pretty green amethyst ring from with your favorite shirtdress, or even with a your quintessential pleats and you’re sure to sparkle and shine and stand out. Some top 10 picks for gorgeous preppy-chic green amethyst rings from are:

  • The Elegant Loop White Gold Round Green Amethyst Solitaire Gemstone Ring (retails for $196).
  • The White Gold Princess Green Amethyst Round Cut Diamond Ring (retails for $223)
  • The Checkerboard Cut Green Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring In White Gold (retails for $287)
  • The Solitaire Cushion Cute Prong Set Green Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring In 14K White Gold (retails for $328)
  • The Solitaire Round Cut Prong Set green Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring In 14K White Gold (retails for $365)
  • The Solitaire Princess Cute Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (retails for $399)
  • The Round White Gold Green Amethyst Diamond Swirl Ring (retails for $441)
  • The Solitaire Radiant Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold (retails for $461)
  • The Ornate White Gold Green Amethyst Diamond Heart Ring (retails for $478)
  • And last but not the least, a splurge-worthy green amethyst ring that any preppy chic gal would die for: The Green Amethyst and Diamond Large Gemstone Ring in Rose Gold. And it retails for $2,908.

What’re you waiting for, preppy gal? Go make that dull cable-knit sweater sparkle, by wearing a sparkling green amethyst ring from

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Fall Fashion 2012: Diamond Semi Mount Earrings For The Casual Chic Gal

diamond semi mount earrings
Diamond Semi Mount Circle Earrings In 14K Rose Gold

There are only approximately six Fridays left until Summer ends, so it’s time to start getting ready for your Fall wardrobe. This year, subtle, casual chic is in, and nothing epitomizes this trend than chic basics like the turtleneck, high-collared shirts, dresses with oversized pockets…and let’s not forget your accessories—like’s beautiful diamond semi mount earrings.

Flashy can sometimes be tacky, so why not stay on trend this coming Fall season, and indulge in some beautifully understated diamond semi mount earrings from Do as the Duchess of Cambridge does…and buy a pretty printed dress off the sales rack, rock the quintessential little black dress, stun in a simple shift dress, maybe a couple of well-tailored slacks, and don the 14K White Gold Semi Mount Diamond Stud Earrings in 0.63 Ctw. No woman is a finer example of subtle and casual chic than the Duchess of Cambridge—so this Fall, channel your inner Duchess and look to’s plethora of diamond semi mount earrings for inspiration and motivation to look your best.

There are tons of other diamond semi mount earrings that your average working-girl-channeling-Kate-Middleton’s-casual-chic-style might covet off/chose from for this Fall’s new wardrobe. The Diamond Semi Mount Circle Earrings In Rose Gold, which retails for a decent $407, is subtle, understated, yet glamorous. Plain and simple does not always mean plain-Jane. One can always be subtle, elegant, and chic all at once with something as gorgeous as the Round Cut Prong Set Circle Diamond Semi Mount Earrings in 14K White Gold.

So go out with the old, flashy, skin-baring wardrobe of the Summer, and in with the new subtle, casual chic trend this Fall, by emulating the epitome of casual chic, HRH Kate Middleton, and donning diamond semi mount earrings from to match your new Fall wardrobe.

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Earth-toned Quartz Rings For The Fall Season

Quartz Rings
Emerald Cut Smokey Quartz White and Fancy Brown Diamond Large Gemstone Ring In 14K White Gold

Fall is coming, and you might want to start putting away those floral print shirts, neon shorts, and maxi-dresses away, and start bringing out the leather, neutral-colored, earth-toned clothing. And while you’re at it, bring out those matching fall-inspired quartz rings. Don’t have any? Not to worry, has you covered with earthy-toned quartz rings perfect for Fall season.

Quartz rings make for fantastic accessories—just look for inspiration to the celebrities on the red carpet who are spotted wearing. There’s romantic comedy actress darling, Emma Stone, who was spotted wearing a fall-inspired quartz ring that perfectly matched her leather dress. There is also action actress and fashionista, Zoe Saldana, who rocked an edgy earth-toned quartz ring at an appearance. While these actresses/celebrities’ rings undoubtedly cost an arm and a leg (and are most probably loaned), you can get yours at a much affordable price—and yes it’s ALL yours. Just think of it as an investment, just like you’re probably investing on that gorgeous leather pencil skirt for your Fall wardrobe.

Quartz Ring
White Gold Oval Smokey Quartz Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring’s collection of earth-toned quartz rings, are most definitely red carpet-worthy, without the painful price tag. Some of the gorgeous rings include the timeless Modern White Gold Smokey Quartz Diamond Ring (which retails for $235), the stunning Solitaire Round Cut Prong Set Smokey Quartz Diamond Gemstone Ring in 14K Yellow Gold (which retails for $429). If you feel like splurging, the fantastic Dreamlike Pear Cute Smokey Quartz Unique Diamond Gemstone Swirl Ring in 14K Two Tone Gold is an absolute must-have accessory for this fall season. Edgy and whimsical at the same time, this statement piece retails for only $770!

So hurry, match your new fall wardrobe with any of’s gorgeous quartz ring, and be the envy of every gal this Fall season.

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A-List-worthy Diamond Emerald Pendants

Whether you agree or disagree, it is a well-known fact that Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful celebrities today. And just like Elizabeth Taylor during her time, Ms. Jolie has made quite the headlines, not just for her personal life, her work, or her beauty, but also her equally gorgeous jewels—particularly the stunning diamond emerald pendant she wore earlier this year at numerous awards show circuits. But you don’t have to be a Hollywood legend or an A-lister to have your own stunning piece of diamond emerald pendant, has a vast collection of diamond emerald pendants to choose from that are at incredibly reasonable prices. Prepare to eat your heart out, Brad Pitt.

Diamond Emerald Pendant
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Emerald Pendant 0.40 Ctw

If there’s one thing Angelina Jolie clearly favors, its simplicity, as is seen with her taste in clothes and fashion. Her taste in jewelry is no different. If you’re looking for a diamond emerald pendant that’s more for everyday wear, then’s Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant in White Gold would be perfect. It retails for merely $78-113. If you’re more the whimsical type, the 10K Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Emerald Heart Pendant in 0.60 Ctw is a pretty accessory that would suit your style. Want something a bit more glamorous? The 18K White Gold Women’s Diamond Emerald Pendant in 0.15 Ctw is your answer. For more timeless, classic pieces that is absolutely Angelina Jolie-worthy, the gorgeous Elegant White Gold Oval Emerald Diamond Gemstone Pendant and the breathtakingly stunning 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Emerald Pendant in 0.40 Ctw are definitely must-haves.

You may not be an A-list actress, or a jet-setting philanthropist, mother of 6, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay a certain price to look as fabulous and glamorous as Angelina Jolie does. Go ahead and indulge yourself in some beautiful diamond emerald pendants from Just remember, handsome Brad Pitt is sold separately.

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Men’s Diamond Pinky Ring For The Man In Your Life

diamond pinky ring
14K White Gold Mens Diamond Pinky Ring with Yellow Diamonds 9.00 Ctw

Father’s Day may have passed months ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the men in your life—dad, grandpa, husband, uncle, etc.—a little something special every now and then. And I don’t mean just a nice Cuban cigar or the trite expensive wine on his birthday or Christmas—go for something that’ll last, like a men’s diamond pinky ring.

Who says men don’t like jewelry? Wedding rings aren’t the only rings men can wear. For your information, a man doesn’t have to be The Godfather, aka Don Corleone, to don a diamond pinky ring. It takes a real man to wear real diamonds, just as it takes a real woman to know its value to a man.’s collection of men’s diamond pinky rings would just be the best place to start showing the man (or men!) in your life how much you appreciate him (or them!).

Don Corleone don’t ain’t got a thing on’s lavish men’s diamond pinky ring—most especially the 14K Yellow Gold Men’s Diamond Pinky Ring in 0.69 Ctw. It’s a true classic, with the center piece measuring up to 15mm. It is highlighted with channel set round cut diamonds. It may sit on his pinky, but you best be sure his pinky can withstand its weight, as it measures up to approximately 13grams! This is a real manly-man’s diamond pinky ring, and it’ll take a real woman (yes you, silly!) to give it to a man who knows just how to value it. Retailing for $1,210, this is one ring for THE man in your life—whether it’s your father, grandfather, husband, fiancé, uncle, father-figure, etc. It’s a gift like no other—one that’ll need its own Cuban cigar to celebrate!

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Boho Chic Onyx Ball Bead Bracelets

If you look at nearly every glossy fashion magazine, you’ll most likely see at least one It-Girl channeling her wannabe-Kate Moss and rocking boho-chic style (bohemian chic, for those not in the know) during their downtime off the red carpet, runway, and/or films. While those maxi skirts, dresses, and headbands are easy to find, those pretty stacks of bead bracelets aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, and they are sure to complete your boho-chic look.

What do quintessential boho-chic girls like Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen (and practically every other It-Girl in Hollywood) have in common? That’s right—stacks and stacks of bead bracelets.’s plethora of beautiful and unique onyx ball bead bracelets would make for fantastic accessories. They have onyx ball bead bracelets in practically every style and color available! Cute, chic and colorful, these bead bracelets would be the envy of every bohemian-chic girl from Coachella to Woodstock to the Glastonbury Festival. has plain bead bracelets like Red, Grey and Black Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet or the Gold and Grey Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet, and features a cute small dragon hanging from the opposite end of the string. It retails for $89, and is available in numerous color combinations (14 total!). But the sky’s the limit on these Onyx Ball Bead Bracelets. If you prefer much larger beads, also has them in various colors (which retails for $125), such as the Turquoise Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet, Red, White and Blue Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet (if you’re feeling patriotic), or the Red and White Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet—just to name a few. Feel like sparkling and splurging? also has onyx ball bead bracelets with Swarovski crystals! The Black Onyx Ball Bead Bracelet with Black and White Swarovski Crystals or the Grey Onyx Ball Bead Flower Bracelet with Purple and Black Swarovski Crystals are both boho-chic and wearable for nighttime events!

Embrace your boho chic style with these onyx ball bead bracelets from!

Onyx Ball Bead Bracelets
Black Onyx Ball Bead Black Diamond Bracelet for Women 5.05 Ctw
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The Gentleman’s Must-Have Accessory: Diamond Tennis Chain

Somebody once said, “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is men.” Although no one wears a well-tailored suit better than Cary Grant (IMO), owning one is certainly one small step towards gentlemanhood. But if you really want to join the likes of dapper gentlemen like Cary Grant, Clark Gable, and Gene Kelly, take a leap with a handsome men’s diamond tennis chain from It’s sure to gain you entry in to the league of extraordinary gentlemen’s club.

Men's Tennis Chain

Good manners, chivalry, and staying in touch with one’s romantic side are just some of the foundations of being a gentleman, as well as dressing better. But dressing better doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out $2000 (or an arm and a leg) for an Armani suit. Instead, why not invest it on something more valuable—like diamonds. And no, not just for your girl but for yourself: like’s men’s diamond tennis chains. For approximately the same price as a designer label suit (not yet tailored!), you can get a dazzling 10K Gold Black Rhodium Plated Men’s Black Diamond Chain in 8.60 Ctw—a much better investment than a suit that runs the risk of being damaged at the cleaners.

Other men’s diamond tennis chains that would make suitable gifts to yourself (think of it as an investment in your gentlemanly makeover!), include the 10K White Gold Men’s Black Diamond Tennis Chain in 12.00 Ctw, the 10K White Gold Men’s Diamond Tennis Chain in 10.35 Ctw, or the 14K Yellow Gold Men’s Diamond Tennis Chain in 10.15 Ctw. Either one of these would make for a fantastic gentlemen’s accessory. Next to those fabulous cufflinks of course.

So why wait? Make yourself over into the next dapper Cary Grant or Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling, yes?) with a nice tailored suit, and a stunning men’s diamond tennis chain from!

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Men’s Jewelry: Rise Up To The Challenge With A Tiger’s Eye Ring

Tiger's Eye Ring
14K Yellow Gold Womens Tiger's Eye Ring

The chorus to Survivor’s popular 80’s song, “Eye of the Tiger,” goes: “It’s the eye of the tiger/It’s the thrill of the fight/Risin’ up to the challenge/Of our rival/And the last known survivor.” When this song plays, almost everyone remembers that iconic scene from the film, “Rocky.” But what does yours truly remember? A tiger’s eye ring.

A Tiger’s eye ring is an accessory that features quartz, and has rich yellow and golden brown stripes. Ironically, a Tiger’s eye ring is an accessory that means to offer courage, energy, and luck to its wearer. It has received its name due to its close resemblance to an eye of a tiger. It has been said that Roman soldiers wore a tiger’s eye for protection in battle. Moreover, the Tiger’s eye is also known to have healing abilities, more specifically in healing high blood pressure, as well as in bronchial asthma, rheumatic heart disease, and psoriasis.

It has also been said that a Tiger’s Eye makes for a great anniversary gemstone for the 9th year of marriage. So instead of getting that “Rocky” DVD set for your hubby, why not just get him a tiger’s eye ring instead?’s 14K Yello Gold Men’s Diamond Tiger’s Eye Pinky Ring at 1.03 Ctw seems like a suitable gift choice for your 9-years-and-counting husband. It would make for a great accessory next to his wedding ring. And if you’re feeling like making it a couples’ thing, also has a 14K Yellow Gold Women’s Tiger’s Eye Ring that would perfectly match that tiger’s eye ring you’re getting for your husband.

You don’t have to wait for a battle, your 9th year wedding anniversary, or for your husband to have chronic illness, just head on to and get your husband a nice present in the form of a unique Tiger’s Eye Ring!

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Jade Pendants For The Inner Empress In You

Every little girl, at some point in her life or another, has always dreamed of being a little princess, or at least about having some royal blood. Tiaras, crowns, scepters and even jade pendants are some accessories that are often associated with royalty. Royalty and weddings! But unlike the tiaras, crowns and scepters, jade pendants don’t always entail spending an obscene amount of money. Plus, they can be worn practically every day without looking ridiculous (FYI, tiaras can’t be worn to work, no matter how discreetly you try).

Jade Pendants
21K Yellow Gold Chinese Jade Pendant

It is quite a well-known fact in Chinese history and culture that royalties, particularly Empresses during the Qing Dynasty, wore jade pendants. For instance, Empress Wanrong, wife of the last Emperor of China and final ruler of the Qing Dynasty, Puyi, wore a jade pendant on her wedding day—the very same one that is now on display at an exhibit in Taipei. It is undoubtedly one of her many pendants—because as an Empress you’re likely to have more than just that one.

But thanks to, you no longer have to be Chinese royalty, nor belong to the Qing Dynasty era to wear and own a stunning jade pendant. You don’t have to throw a wedding to have an excuse to wear one either, as unlike tiaras, you can wear a jade pendant every day—whether it’s to work or to play (Party!).’s beautiful 14K Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Jade Heart Pendant in 0.10 Ctw, would transition well from work day accessory, to night-time cocktail party accessory. And yes, you can even wear it to your own wedding! It’s the epitome of oriental sophistication, just like Empress Wanrong.

No need to time-travel to the Qing Dynasty era or marry an Emperor. With a click of a button, you can embrace the inner Empress in you with beautiful jade pendants from

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