Shower Yourself With Opulent Diamond Opal Pendants

Diamond Opal Pendants
14K White Gold Womens Diamond Opal Pendant 0.25 Ctw

The word “goddess” is defined as a female deity, or a woman who is adored for her beauty. While we mere mortals are clearly not goddesses of the deity kind, we can totally bet on being goddesses—the kind adored for our beauties. Not that we need any more help in the beauty department, but surely a little accessorizing couldn’t hurt. And what is more beautiful than an elegant, classy, glamorous and opulent beautiful diamond opal pendant from Nothing. So embrace your inner Roman goddess and channel Venus in these opulent diamond opal pendants.

If you feel more like Diana—goddess of hunt, moon and birthing (think Katniss Everdeen!)—then’s stunningly unique Inlay Opal Diamond Designer Gemstone Pendant in Yellow Gold (retails for $806) would be perfect for you. Can relate more to pure Vesta, virgin goddess of hearth, home and family? Then lovely, beautiful, and delicate 14K White Gold Women’s Diamond Opal Pendant in 0.25 Ctw (retails for $852) would suit you well. Feeling more like the powerful, ancient Roman goddess, Juno, protector and counselor of state? Nothing screams power and opulence like’s White Gold Tanzanite Opal Diamond Gemstone Pendant. And it retails for a mere $380!

Diana, Juno, Vesta, Minerva, etc. all these Roman goddesses have beauty and attributes that us mere mortal women can simply covet, but one thing that is sure to make these goddesses jealous is an opulent diamond opal pendant. And just because you’re human and lack the attributes the aforementioned goddess have, doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to shower and indulge yourself with some diamond opal pendants from Case in point: the magnificent gorgeous and opulent 14K Yellow Gold Women’s Diamond Opal Pendant in 0.25 Ctw.

Can you say, “Venus, who?”

Diamond Opal Pendants
14K Yellow Gold Womens Diamond Opal Pendant 0.25 Ctw
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Ruby Rings—Wear Them Like Blair Waldorf Does

Blair Waldorf once said, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s design, movement, and architecture all in one. It just shows the world who we are, and who we’d like to be.” Jewelry is part of fashion, and wearing jewelry, like rings, shows the world who we are and/or who we’d like to be. Wearing a gorgeous ruby ring on your finger, just like Blair Cornelia Waldorf (Gossip Girl, anyone?), shows the world exactly who/what we’d want to be: classy, ambitious, well-educated, with a touch of compassion.

Ruby Rings - Blair Waldorf Style
Solitaire Oval Cut Ruby and Round Diamond Gemstone Ring In 18K White Gold

It doesn’t take millions, a home on the UES (Upper East Side), and another in the Hamptons, to be one of Manhattan’s elite. All you need is a pretty ruby ring, just like the one quintessential Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf wears—and voilá! You are practically modern royalty, without having to marry a famous prince (of Monaco), forsaking all your private life for tabloid fodder. And fear not, you need not date a hotelier heir to be given a ruby ring from say Cartier or Harry Winston, because has its own plethora of gorgeous and classic ruby rings for much less, with just as stunning quality.

Blair Waldorf is known to favor the glamour and elegance of Old Hollywood, and if you do too, the Ruby Diamond Gemstone Flower Ring in White Gold would suit you. But if you’re looking for something simpler and understatedly elegant, just like the ruby ring Blair is often seen to wear, then the White Gold Oval Red Ruby Triangle Diamond Gemstone Ring would be perfect. Thinking of going all out and splurging? The Queen Bee of Manhattan’s elite, would most definitely approve of the Ornate White Gold Princess Red Ruby Diamond Gemstone Ring. It would make for a great accessory to wear to a gala or a charity ball.

As smart socialite, Blair Waldorf, once said: “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.” Well, here’s a little secret: you’ll find both ruby rings and happiness at

You know you love me, XOXO.

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Not-So-Little Black Diamond Rings For the Classy Lady

black diamond rings
Irresistible White and Black Pave Diamond Designer Swirl Dome Ring in 18K White Gold

Black will always be the new black. No other shade/color can take that title away. It is classic, timeless and sophisticated all at once. Which is probably why black diamond rings are all the rage among celebrities and non-celebrities alike—if you want to be chic, then a black diamond ring is one accessory you simply cannot go without!

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, and Julianne Hough, among many others, are just some classy ladies who have walked the red-carpet or graced the cover of some chic high-fashion magazine with black diamond ring-adorned fingers. Black diamond rings can make for great statement pieces, cocktail rings, or maybe even engagement rings! Carmen Electra is one celebrity who is rocking a black diamond engagement ring.’s White and Black Round Cut Prong Set Flower Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold and the similar-looking White and Black Round Cut Diamond Flower Ring in 14K White Gold would make for lovely and incredibly affordable engagement rings.

Looking for a cocktail ring? has lots of those too. There’s the Black Diamond Flower Ring in White Gold, the Unique White Gold Pave Black and White Diamond Ring, the Black Diamond Weave Ring in White Gold, or the Modern White Gold Pave Black and White Round Cut Diamond Ring. Feel like splurging?’s plethora of black diamond rings are fit for a star! Even the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor, bless her soul, would approve of these gorgeous timeless black diamond rings. They just ooze of class and sophistication! There’s the White and Black Pave Diamond Dome Ring in 14K White Gold ($4,057), the Exclusive White and Black Diamond Designer Dome ($5,260), and last but most certainly not the least, the stunning Festive White and Black Pave Diamond Designer Zebra Ring in 18K White Gold ($7,022).

So when in doubt, go for classy, chic, and sophisticated with these timeless black diamond rings from They’re sure to match your equally chic and classy little black dress.

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Let’s Get Loud With Diamond Dangle Earrings

It’s true—don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, she’s still Jenny from the block. That’s right! Despite placing number 1 on the Forbes top 100 list, Jennifer Lopez has remained true to one thing: her love of diamond dangle earrings. From her early days as an actress playing Selena, to that Grammys appearance in that infamous green Versace dress, to today’s red-carpet appearances and American Idol episodes, you can count on J. Lo to be wearing some gorgeous diamond dangle earrings. Not to be outdone, you too can wear similar and equally gorgeous diamond dangle earrings! has a collection of some stunning red-carpet worthy, Jennifer Lopez-y diamond dangle earrings at incredibly affordable prices.

diamond dangle earrings
Diamond Drop Earring in Two Tone Gold

Remember those diamond dangle teardrop earrings that Jennifer Lopez recently wore to a Gala in Beverly Hills? has a similar pair: the classic and stunning 18K White Gold Diamond Teardrop Dangle Earrings. Even’s Diamond Star Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold bears a resemblance to a pair of star diamond dangle earrings the actress/singer was spotted wearing at another public appearance earlier in the year. At yet another event, the ‘Dance Again’ singer was spotted wearing a diamond dangling hoop earrings, which looks similar to’s beautiful Diamond Dangle Circle Earrings in White Gold, and the unique Diamond Circle Dangle Earrings in Two Tone Gold (there are two types of the latter, and one only retails for $392!)

So fear not, you don’t need to be an American Idol judge, or top the Forbes Celebrity 100 list to own a pair of dazzling diamond dangle earrings— has a plethora of some incredibly gorgeous and affordable diamond dangle earrings that will make you want to dance and sing to “Let’s Get Loud!”

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Fancy Colored Diamond Rings For Summer

fancy colored diamond rings
White and Fancy Yellow Round Diamond Designer Ring In 14K Rose Gold

In the Summer, some of the hemlines get shorter as the temperatures go higher, but just because you flash some skin, doesn’t mean you can’t get be classy doing so. Enter this season’s best summer fashion accessory—fancy colored diamond rings. Whether for a party, or just to look fancy and classy to work, these fancy colored diamond rings are sure to make for great Summer accessories!

While cooling off by the pool with some cold refreshing drink is one way to grapple with the heat wave, you know what’s cooler? A fancy colored diamond ring from on your finger. has a wide array of fancy colored diamond rings that are sure to tickle your fancy. There’s the beautiful and affordable White and Yellow Fancy Colored Diamond Designer Ring in White Gold (which retails for only $211!); and the vintage-y pretty Green Fancy Colored Pave Diamond Star Ring in 14K White Gold; the romantic Three Stone Blue Fancy Colored Diamond Ring Past, Present, Future in White Gold—which will also make for a great anniversary gift, or even an engagement ring! Looking to indulge? There’s the stunning White and Yellow Fancy Colored Round Cut Diamond Ring in White Gold, the White and Yellow Fancy Colored Diamond Marquise Shaped Ring in White Gold, or the lovely White and Yellow Fancy Colored Diamond Flower Ring in White Gold.’s collection of fancy colored diamond rings would also double for commitment rings! There’s the White and Brown Fancy Colored Diamond Promise Ring in 18K White Gold, and the gorgeous White Gold Oval Fancy Colored Diamond Ring. Cough, cough, hint, hint to your significant other!

Whether for parties, a special occasion, or simply as a commitment,’s array of fancy colored diamond rings can also double as great accessories for this season—they’re the next best Summer fashion statements you can make next to that trite bikini swimsuit!

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Future-Princess-worthy Diamond Designer Pendants

diamond designer pendants
Unique Designer Marquise White and Rose Gold Diamond Drop Pendant

There is no denying that the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, is definitely this generation’s ultimate style icon and the epitome of a modern-day classy lady. Every other duchess/princess-wannabe covets her wardrobe, her accessories, and even her, um, husband. And let’s face it commoners like us girls can’t afford any of these, most especially not the jewelry. But fear not, has the next best thing—they have beautiful and classic diamond designer pendants that resemble those of Kate Middleton’s but for far affordable prices.

One diamond designer pendant that Kate has been spotted wearing was Asprey’s Button Pendant which retails for the cost of a studio apartment rent in NYC. Gorgeous and stunning? Yes. But affordable? Hardly. Thankfully has several similar gorgeous diamond designer pendants that retail for much less. There is the Two Tone Gold Ring Link Brilliant Diamond Designer Pendant that retails for only $96, while the White and Yellow Matte Gold Diamond Designer Pendant that costs $228, or the beautiful White Gold Heart Brilliant Diamond Designer Pendant which costs $260, or even the Unique Oval Yellow Gold Matte Diamond designer Pendant for only $289. has a wonderful collection of diamond designer pendants that would make even Kate Middleton herself proud. How about a diamond cross pendant that she wore at last year’s The Order of the Garter Service? has a very similar necklace that also doubles as a convertible earring—the Diamond Designer Convertible Earring Pendants in White Gold!

That Tiffany and Co. Sapphire and Diamond Necklace Kate was spotted at her engagement announcement? Pshh. Announce your own engagement wearing something just as princess-worthy, like’s Unique Twist Flower Diamond Pendant, or the Unique Flower White Gold Brilliant Diamond Pendant, or even the White Gold Dangle Flower Brilliant Diamond Designer Pendant.

So the next time you want to channel the Duchess of Cambridge, spending your rent money, go to instead for gorgeous princess/duchess-worthy diamond designer pendants for much affordable prices.

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Diamond Bracelets for the Working Girl

Give a girl a nice pair of shoes, a power suit, and a gorgeous diamond bracelet and she’s ready to rule the world—the corporate world. As any working girl knows, it’s always nice to remind some people who’s the boss—like your colleagues, or maybe even yourself. And what better way than to reward yourself and your hardworkd than with a diamond bracelet from

Promotion or no promotion, we all know that any hardworking gal deserves a reward every now and then—and I’m not talking about Happy Hour at the coolest bar or club. Diamonds are forever, so why not give yourself a forever that will remind you of your diligence and perseverance at climbing the corporate ladder. A diamond bracelet will last forever, much like a tattoo; but unlike a tattoo, you can take it off, and sometimes proudly show it off at work—it will look absolutely stunning with that gorgeous new power suit you bought at Ann Taylor.

Some of’s beautiful diamond bracelets includes the pretty Sterling Silver and Gold Diamond Bracelet in Two Tone Gold which retails for only $64-$66. Another is the Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Yellow Gold; but if you feel like White Gold is more your type, the Blue Topaz Citrine and Peridot Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold is simply lovely and unique. But if you feel like that new promotion and/or bonus is definitely worth indulging for, then why not get the exquisite Round Cut Diamond Four Leaf Flower Bracelet in 14K White Gold! So finally reached the peak of your career and the top of the corporate ladder? Then maybe you deserve the more lavish and magnificent Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Bracelet in White Gold.

Show the corporate world who’s boss by getting a pretty diamond bracelet from

Diamond Bracelets
Diamond Bracelet in White Gold
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Unique Gemstone Rings For Little Ladies-in-Training

If there is one thing that a teen girl wants this summer, more than the latest Justin Bieber album, or a pair of concert tickets to see One Direction, it probably is to be treated like an adult. And what better way than to show your complete trust and utter faith in her than in a wise investment of jewelry—more specifically, a ring. Unique gemstone rings are perfect for teen girls this summer as not are they only fun, colorful, and attractive, but they are also great accessories that will help your teen girl graduate from tweenery and teenagedom, to Lady-hood.

Stellar White Gold Cabochon Rose Quartz Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring
Stellar White Gold Cabochon Rose Quartz Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring’s plethora of unique gemstone rings would make great gifts to any teen girl (even teen-at-hearts girls like myself!). Whether they are a belated graduation gift, a birthday present, or even just as a ‘happy-summer-you-are-just-awesome’ present, these unique gemstone rings are sure to make her heart skip a beat for far longer than that shirtless grass-mower dude in that Call Me Maybe music video.

Maybe the teen girl in question is more of a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of gal,’s Aquamarine and Diamond Unique Gemstone Ring in White Gold is pretty enough without being too fussy to be worn with her everyday outfit. Is she a dainty little lady, who likes wearing dresses? Then the Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Unique Gemstone Ring in White Gold would be perfect for her. Is it a graduation present for all her diligence and hard work in academia? The Sapphire Diamond Unique Gemstone Ring in White Gold would make a fantastic congratulatory gift!

Whatever the occasion, for whichever type of teen girl, these unique gemstone rings from will make for great gifts this summer—and also a good glimpse of what it would feel like to be an adult; a sort of welcoming present to Lady-hood.

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The Bride With the Pearl Diamond Earrings

pearl diamond earrings
Pearl Drop Gemstone Earrings in White Gold

The birthstone for those born in the month of June is Pearl. But the luminescence and lustrousnes of pearls are fit for any girl that’s born outside of June. It’s important to note that because pearls exude elegance, class, and sophistication, it only makes sense that June brides (Yes, I’m talking to you ladies who are getting married this June!) wear pearl diamond earrings. Pearls are elegant and classy, while diamonds are forever—so why not say “I Do” while wearing pearl diamond earrings? Pearls + Diamonds = It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, you’ll forever be the elegant and classiest lady in his life (okay, maybe after his mother).

Johannes Vermeer may have painted the Girl with a Pearl Earring, but you too can immortalize yourself in your own wedding photos by wearing a pair of pearl diamond earrings from, such as the Chocolate Pearl Black Diamond Gemstone Earrings in Rose Gold. This alone comes in three different designs: one set in center surrounded by round cut black diamonds in an oval shape; another is set in the center surrounded by round cut black diamonds in a floral-shape; while another is similar to the oval shaped earrings, albeit with a slight horseshoe-shaped design—because, really, who doesn’t need a little bit of luck on her wedding day? Classic and affordable these pearl diamond earrings exude the necessary class that each bride should evince on her wedding day.

Forget Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring painting, wow the groom and your family and friends by simply walking down the aisle…wearing a gorgeous pair of pearl diamond earrings. With a pair of pearl diamond earrings from, you’ll be the living epitome of a beautiful, blushing, and classy June bride on your wedding day.

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IT Girl Things: Silver Fashion Rings

In the world of fashion it is said that, “One day you’re in, the next day, you’re out.” But one thing that never seems to go out of (excuse the pun) fashion, is accessorizing your finely-manicured fingers with silver fashion rings.

silver fashion rings
Sterling Silver Fashion Ring

Fun, playful, and attractive, silver fashion rings are every fashionista’s must-have accessory. IT-girls have been spotted wearing the prettiest silver fashion rings, from pint-size style icons like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, to musician Beyonce, to reality-TV stars Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. Silver fashion rings are easily this Summer season’s IT things. Thankfully, you no longer need to have hefty bank accounts like these IT-girls to have the next-best IT things—silver fashion rings. Thanks to’s plethora of pretty silver fashion rings, you too can show off a finger (or two, or three, or four—and no, not that finger) and show the world that this season you’re SO in on the in-crowd with your own silver fashion ring/s.

With’s silver fashion rings, you can be the über-fashionista, minus the über-expensive budget that the title entails;’s pretty silver fashion rings only retail from $27-$56, and come in various designs, including the Sterling Silver Bow Tie Fashion Ring—which usually sells in the $200-300 range in other companies. Further proof’s the place to go for these IT-Girl things? This Sterling Silver Bow Tie Fashion Ring is handcrafted in 925 silver, plus, it boasts a unique two-tone design. And it retails for only $56! What a bargain!

So say goodbye—or as Heidi Klum says it, “auf wiedersehen!”—to the plain old you and hello to the new It-Girl you this Summer. Embrace the fierce fashionista within you with these silver fashion rings from!

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