Gemstone Bracelets For Romantic Dates

First dates are sometimes incredibly hard to dress for, but once you’re over the third-date hurdle, its time to raise the stakes for romance—and I’m not talking about gestures or clothes. When you’ve practically worn all your date-worthy outfits, it’s time to bring out the big guns: wearing your special jewelry. And what better way to amp up the romance by looking whimsical and romantic, yourself? By donning a gemstone bracelet, you can achieve just that.

Don’t have a gemstone bracelet? No problem, has lots that come in different gemstones and colors to choose from. Better yet, get your guy to get one for you! Talk about romantic—nothing says romance than ending a perfect evening or a summer getaway by receiving a gemstone bracelet as a gift. A kiss would be nice to, but a gemstone bracelet—it’s the next best thing to a proposal!

But perhaps it’s too early for that? No one can say you’re cheating if you bought yourself a nice gemstone bracelet from The Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold will be perfect for dinners out at that fine-dining, Zagat-rated restaurant, while that cute Citrine Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold would be great to wear for a romantic summer getaway to the Hamptons. How about the Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Yellow Gold? It will certainly cause quite a spark with its alluring amethyst gemstones. Perhaps you’re being introduced to The Parents this weekend? There’s a gemstone bracelet for that; the Emerald Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold is simply elegant and stunning, featuring baguette cut genuine emeralds. It oozes class and sophistication—a combination that is sure to be a hit with his parents.

Whatever the occasion maybe, if it’s a romantic date you want, it’s a romantic date you’ll get with these beautiful gemstone bracelets from—whether it’s a gift from your honey, or from yourself, wear it to a date to amp up the romance!

Gemstone Bracelet
Ruby Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold
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Life Is A Highway And A Diamond Journey Pendant Is A Shortcut To Her Heart

There is a saying that goes, “Success is a journey not a destination—half the fun is getting there.” Summer season is the season for romantic getaways—whether it’s holding hands at Cooper Beach in the Hamptons, or driving on a road trip across the country from East to West Coast. While pictures may fade (or are accidentally deleted off the hard disk), diamonds are forever, and the gift of a diamond journey pendant would be a priceless present to remind her of your summer getaways and the journey of your romance.

Journey pendants are really meant to be symbols of the journey of your shared love and romance—its growth and development—but because sometimes love is hard to express with just words and actions, this is where the gift of a diamond journey pendant comes in. Summer getaways and vacations may be the perfect excuse to give the gift of a diamond journey pendant—it’ll symbolize both your actual journey on a getaway or vacation as well as your journey to love and your relationship. Perhaps you’d like to remind her of that time when you got lost and drove around in circles trying to find the nearest service area on your road trip, and how much you loved her and that moment, the White Gold Brilliant Diamond Journey Pendant or the Diamond Circle Journey Pendant in White Gold from would make for a very pretty reminder of that moment and that trip. With the added bonus that she could wear it and show it off every day.

They say, “Life is a highway,” well, in your highway the easiest route and shortcut to your love’s heart is the gift of a diamond journey pendant from It will serve to be a symbol and reminder of your shared summer adventures as well as your journey together in love.

Diamond Journey Pendants
Diamond Journey Pendant
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The Summer Proposal: Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you like it, and you’re ready to put a ring on it this summer, look no further than’s plethora of gorgeous gemstone engagement rings. Gemstone engagement rings are unique and can add some color and personality to your proposal and engagement, because really, who doesn’t want a colorful promise to a life-long commitment to love?

What sets gemstone engagement rings apart is obviously the color. Gemstone engagement rings are unique in that each stone and design can have its own significant meaning to you and/or your future fiancée. Is your soon-to-be-fiancée’s birthstone an Amethyst? Perhaps you’d like to propose with an amethyst gemstone engagement ring—there’s a Solitaire Baguette Cut Pink Amethyst Diamond Unique Gemstone Ring in White Gold. This ring channels Old Hollywood glamour, minus the Old Hollywood inflation price—it retails for a mere $358. Or perhaps she’d prefer the sleek and sophisticated Solitaire Round Cut Pink Amethyst and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold? This stunning beauty is quite the catch at $1,210. There are tons of amethyst rings to choose from at, and one of these can be The One.

Gemstone Engagement Rings
Gemstone Engagement Rings

Perhaps you want to show her that she is your Princess, and that you’re the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for all her life. You don’t need to change your last name to Wales—you can simply propose with the Unique White Gold Oval Blue Sapphire Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring, and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. Want to show her how she’s the future Queen of your heart? Ask her to marry you with the gorgeous Heart White Gold Oval Blue Sapphire Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring that retails for $1,103, instead of getting a tacky and painful tattoo over your chest.

Whatever the gemstone and whichever design you prefer, is your go-to place for gemstone engagement rings, whether she’s the modern-day princess type, or the 1920s kinda gal; With the right words and the right ring, it’s highly likely that she will say “Yes.”

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Most Sought-After Summer Accessory: Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings
Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite is said to be one of the world’s “most sought-after gemstones” in the world—a fact that should not be overlooked by every gemstone jewelry-loving girl, particularly this summer season. What makes a tanzanite special and incredibly alluring is its trichroic quality—its ability to radiate a different color from different angles and axes; one side may show its vivid blue hue, while another may depict dreamy violets. And just because Elizabeth Taylor is practically the only person blessed with pretty violet eyes, doesn’t mean you can’t own anything just as beautiful—like a tanzanite ring from!

With the help of the shining sun and the warm weather that comes with summer, tanzanite rings are sure to be hot (excuse the pun) this season. Tis the perfect time of the year to sport a tanzanite ring—the sun’s rays will glint off the tanzanite stone and emphasize its trichroic qualities—a hint of blue there, violet over here…and beauty everywhere. Truly, the tanzanite ring is a must-have summer accessory.’s Solitaire Oval Cut Tanzanite Inlay Opal and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold is practically a steal at $429. Looking to splurge on this summer’s most sought-after accessory? Look no further than’s Darling White Gold Princess Tanzanite Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring, which retails for $835, or the many different designs and versions of the Tanzanite and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold and Solitaire Oval Cut Tanzanite Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold.

This summer’s going to be pretty hot, so invest not only in some good sunscreen, but also some pretty tanzanite rings from—one of these is the most sought-after summer accessory since wayfarer sunglasses; Hint: it ain’t the sunscreen!

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Flawless Gemstone Pearl Rings

When people hear that famous old Hawaiian song, “Pearly Shells,” they probably don’t immediately think of the beautiful gemstone pearl rings that are slowly gaining popularity these days. Instead, they probably think of the pearly shells that literally lie in the sun at beaches, which are just as rare as a genuine and flawless pearl.

While gemstone pearl rings may be gaining popularity, very few people who covet and/or possess these are acquainted with the qualities that a genuine pearl is supposed to have. Among these qualities are as follows:

  • Moonlike, white and lustrous
  • Perfectly round, of shape and size
  • Free from any blemishes—any spots, dents, scratches or ridges
  • Compact
  • Soft glamor
  • Smooth

It is said that a person who wears or possesses a pearl with the aforementioned qualities will enjoy a good fortune and will be blessed by the goddess Lakshmi (known as the goddess of prosperity)—which means that the person will enjoy blessings of living a long, prosperous life, free of sin, and securely equipped with vitality and intelligence. Fortunately, one need not look further than for pearls that possess all these qualities.’s collection of stunning and flawless gemstone pearl rings truly will help ensure one’s good fortune and blessing.

While all gemstone pearl rings are not created equal, all those that provides however, are. Whether it is the White Pearl Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold, or the Citrine Pearl and Diamond Gemstone Ring in Yellow Gold, or the Blue Topaz Pearl and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold, all these rings contain an exquisite and flawless pearl, not to mention a beautiful gemstone!

If in doubt as to the quality of the pearl on that gemstone pearl ring you covet, look no further than for the most flawless pearls and exquisite gemstones—all in one ring.

Gemstone Pearl Ring
Gemstone Pearl Ring
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Gemstone Bracelets Are For Summer Livin’ And Lovin’

Gemstone Bracelet
Gemstone Bracelet

Ella Fitzgerald once sang “Summertime and the livin’ is easy…” while the chorus to a particular Kooks’ song goes “I wanna make you happy, I wanna make you feel alive.” Here’s the thing, summer is fast approaching—as is evident by the recent passing of Memorial Day and the fairer weather—and you probably have too few unique ideas to make your girl feel happy and alive like Luke Pritchard does in his song. This is exactly where’s gemstone bracelets come in.

Nothing says anything quite like romance than the gift of jewelry. To show her your admiration/appreciation (as well as proof that it isn’t all just a ‘spring/summer fling’), give her a gemstone bracelet this summer. Go on a romantic date, a walk on the beach, or a candlelit dinner overlooking the skyline of a nearby city, and present her with a gemstone bracelet from Perhaps the Citrine Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold is more suited to her style; or the cool Blue Topaz Citrine and Peridot Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold; or maybe even the wonderfully fashionable Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Yellow Gold. Feel like splurging? Think she might actually be the one? Celebrating years together? Liven up your Summer and sparkle up your lovin’ with’s gorgeous and exquisite Tanzanite Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold. This will truly make this a Summer one she could never forget!

Despite the rising temperatures and what everyone else says, livin’ in the summertime is easy. You’ve got a girl to love and make happy, you’ve got more opportunities for romantic dates, and last but certainly not the least, to turn to for that perfect gemstone bracelet gift for a sure way to easy Summer livin’ and lovin’.

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Less is More: Diamond Circle Pendants

Few things in life can be considered as simple and sophisticated at the same time. The shape of a circle is one of them. For example, a diamond circle pendant is a piece of jewelry that evokes the perfect balance between minimalism and sophistication. A minimal statement piece, the diamond circle pendant is classic enough to be worn with a tee, but elegant enough to be worn with an evening dress.

Diamond Circle Pendant
Diamond Circle Pendant

“Less is more,” they say, and nothing says that better than a timeless piece of diamond circle pendant from’s gorgeous collection. Whether it is a Simple White Gold Brilliant Diamond Circle Pendant, a classic Diamond Circle Pendant in Yellow Gold, the attractive Cluster Sparkle White Gold Diamond Circle Pendant, the unique Diamond Circle Pendant in Two Tone Gold, or the pretty White and Brown Diamond Circle Pendant in White Gold,’s got you covered with diamond circle pendants perfect for the minimalist girl.

Sometimes, the saying “less is more,” actually requires a bit of a splurge, and nothing says sweet indulgence than investing in’s exquisite Sparkling White Gold Brilliant Diamond Circle Pendant. Retailing for $1,953, this piece features a circle shaped cluster of brilliant round cut, pave set diamonds, in 14K white gold. The design is also raised into a slight dome shape with an intricate cutout design on the back. Truly a timeless piece, it’s safe to say that this particular brilliant diamond circle pendant is the mother of all pendants. Translation: Worth every single penny.

No matter which diamond circle pendant you prefer,’s plethora is truly the minimalist girl’s dream come true, with each pendant a perfect representation of a minimalist girl’s aesthetic: simple elegance.

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Gemstone Wedding Bands For Colorful Weddings

While majority of the world indulges in themed-weddings, from Star Wars to The Hunger
Games, many still like to keep their wedding ceremonies simple and leave the colorful
themes for the wedding receptions instead. Or better yet, for their wedding bands. Just
because the wedding is a black tie event does not mean you can’t squeeze a little bit
of color into the wedding, or even your marriage! And that’s exactly where gemstone
wedding bands come in.

Feel like the white gold, yellow gold, platinum wedding bands are getting a little tired
and too trite? Well, thankfully provides beautiful and colorful gemstone
wedding bands fit for any blushing bride! Not to mention that they’re retailing for
incredibly affordable prices as well! There’s the Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Band Ring
in White Gold that retails for merely $430; the very pretty Pink And Yellow Sapphire
And Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold; the classic Ruby Sapphire And Diamond
Gemstone Ring in White Gold that retails for $680; the vintage-looking, Cleopatra-
esque Inlay Opal And Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold; or even sophisticated
and unique Onyx And Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold, that retails for a steal of

But just in case you feeling like splurging—after all, there’s no time like the present, and
you only get married once!—the exquisitely beautiful and stunning Princess Cut Sapphire
Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold, retailing for $1,020, is one gemstone wedding
band that is sure to make your wedding not only colorful, but also truly remarkable and
unforgettable. All these and more are available with the typing of your fingertips, at

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Edgy, Sexy And Classy Gemstone Pearl Rings

These days, the ‘it’ girl everyone’s talking about, whose style and attitude everyone
wants to emulate is Katniss Everdeen of “The Hunger Games.” One may see that she
is completely devoid of jewelry, with the exception of a gold mockingjay pin, which, regrettably does not carry. Nevertheless, if you want to stay on top of your
Hunger Games knowledge, know that by the time the third film rolls around, everyone
will be fighting for those gemstone pearl rings, like they were in the Hunger Games
themselves. And only, has the best collection of gemstone pearl rings.

All Hunger Games references aside, gemstone pearl rings really are quite the fabulous
pieces of accessories that any girl who wears one is sure to be the envy of all the other
girls in the Capitol—erm—room. Gemstone pearl rings are unique, and have the added
advantage of being edgy, sexy and classy all at the same time. So whether you’re going
out to the club with friends, going on a dinner date with your boyfriend, or on a lunch
date with the parents, your gemstone pearl ring is versatile enough to be appropriate for
any occasion.

Pearls are always going to be elegant and classy, while diamonds will always be timeless
and sophisticated. And what exactly do gemstone pearl rings have? Both pearls and
gemstone diamonds, of course! So stay edgy, sexy, and classy with either a White Pearl
Blue Topaz Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold, the White Pearl Amethyst Diamond
Gemstone Ring in White Gold, or even the splurge-worthy Gold Pearl Yellow Sapphire
And Diamond Gemstone Ring in Two Tone Gold from Can you say, “It-girl
Katniss Everdeen who?”

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ABCs, 123s, And Diamond Letter Pendants

Three of the first and most important things you learn in this world are your ABCs, your
123s, and your name. Your name will forever be yours (unless you decide to change it,
of course), while your ABCs and 123s will be with you every single day of your life.
Although wearing name-pendants and number pendants (enough with the #1 pendants!)
have become quite a trend, some actually prefer to be more discreet by wearing simpler,
more sophisticated diamond letter pendants.

Diamond letter pendants are classic, sophisticated, and lovely pieces of jewelry that make
a statement. Whether it’s the first letter of your name, the first letter of your last name,
your favorite letter, or even the first letter of a name of someone special to you, diamond
letter pendants make for great accessories. They are pretty and add a hint of intrigue, and
mystery: What does the letter mean? What is its significance to the wearer?

And have I mentioned that these letter pendants are made of diamonds? However special
and significant the letter pendant may be, they’re made even more special with these
diamonds. After all, let’s not forget that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! has a variety of diamond letter pendants—whether it’s A, Z, P, B, M, H, or
any of the 26 letters of the alphabet, has it, covered in shimmering round
cut diamond accents, in lustrous 14k white gold, AND a matching (and free!) 18-inch
silver necklace. Don’t jump on the bandwagon with the tired trend of wearing name-
pendants and number pendants, instead, stay classy and stick to simplicity with these
lovely diamond letter pendants.

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