From Mom to Daughter: Diamond Drop Earrings

diamond drop earrings
Diamond Drop Earrings

International Women’s Day may already have passed, but there’s still Mother’s Day. And while that may be a long ways away in May, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get ready for it. This time, celebrate it with a bit of a twist: don’t just get yourself something, but turn the tables on your daughter, and have something ready for her too—doesn’t even matter if she’s a mother or not! Always remember, she may owe you a present but you also wouldn’t be a mother without her. And you can never go wrong with giving her a pair of diamond drop earrings from

Diamond drop earrings are sophisticated, stunning, classic pieces of jewelry that can add some variety to one’s outfit. Whether dressed up or dressed down, these earrings are versatile and add a bit of pizzazz. AND they’re timeless, making them the perfect gift to your daughter. And really, who doesn’t want jewelry for a gift? offers a wonderful plethora of stunning diamond drop earrings that’s fit for any type of personality or style. And one or two (or three!) of them may just be the perfect one for your daughter: There’s the dazzling Blue Topaz Diamond Drop Earrings in Two Tone Gold; the gorgeous Pink Topaz Diamond Drop Gemstone Earrings in Yellow Gold; or the ultra-glam Citrine Diamond Gemstone Earrings in Two Tone Gold.

Whichever kind of diamond drop earrings you’ll decide on, it’ll make a great gift of precious sentimental value that will last your daughter a lifetime, and maybe even generations!

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Diamond Cross Pendants for Easter

Lenten season lasts a whole 40 days. That’s 40 days of going without whatever it was you gave up for Lent–that’s no easy feat! Apart from a glorious Easter Sunday feast and a game of Easter egg hunting, why not celebrate Easter with a gorgeous, classic diamond cross pendant from

Gave up shopping for Lent? How about shopping on Easter Sunday at for an Easter present for a special someone? With their stunning and classic collection of diamond cross pendants, celebrating Easter would be purely dazzling. Get yourself a Diamond Cross Pendant in White Gold–it will serve as a reward, and even a reminder, that yes, you can go 40 days without your favorite thing (even if you really would rather not to). It doesn’t even matter if you survived the 40 days and 40 nights, getting yourself or a loved one a diamond cross pendant is a great way to celebrate Easter—not to mention it’s a perfect symbolic reminder of why you celebrate this holiday.

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but why don’t you wear your faith on your neck? As the Lenten season comes to an end, celebrate this coming Easter with’s collection of stunning and classic diamond cross pendants. They’re great accessories for the spring season, but especially make for great gifts this Easter.

Diamond Cross Pendant
Diamond Cross Pendant
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Blue Skies Ain’t Got A Thing On These Silver Blue Topaz Pendants

Birds are chirping outside, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are beginning to warm up. Spring is here! So say “Au Revoir,” and beat those winter blues with a much needed sprucing up—jewelry-wise. Put those puffy jackets away in storage, and bust out with a brand-spankin’ new you…and a matching shiny new silver blue topaz pendant from

Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant
Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant

If there’s anything cooler than driving a convertible for spring, it’s this gorgeous, opulent, and magnificent, Blue Topaz Diamond Convertible Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Pendants in White Gold. Yes, that’s right. You read that correctly: it’s convertible. It can be worn as earrings AND as pendants on a necklace (not as the same time, of course!).

But if you prefer springing into spring with a spring fling, don’t settle for hard-to-get guys with baby blues. Instead, fall in love with the Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Gemstone Pendant, a beautifully cerulean color that will match your colorful spring wardrobe, as well as the equally beautiful clear skies of the spring season. This pendant is handcrafted in genuine silver and comes with a free 18 inch matching silver necklace. A fantastic steal at merely $140!

A whole new spring wardrobe may be a bit of a splurge these days, but your matching spring accessories don’t have to be! The Sterling Silver Oval Cut Blue Topaz Diamond Gemstone Pendant is a timeless piece that’s not only perfect for spring, but all year long! It’s also a steal, retailing at just $70.

Don’t wait for April, head on over to for a collection of silver blue topaz pendants that’s sure to give the blue skies of spring a run for its money!

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Good Luck St. Patrick’s Day Charms: Silver Fashion Rings

St. Patrick’s Day is often associated with green, four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and booze, and seldom with romance. But you alone can change that with a gift of a silver fashion ring. The fun on St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to end with a pint of beer at your local pub—it can end with a kiss from your favorite girl, after you give her a new good luck charm to remember you by: a silver fashion ring from

This St. Patrick’s Day, remind your girl that a good luck charm doesn’t have to be a rusty old coin, a worn out four-leaf clover, a heavy old horseshoe, or even a shabby lucky sock, it can be a simple, albeit pretty silver fashion ring. Horseshoes may be lucky, but they’re pretty heavy. The Sterling Silver Bow Tie Fashion Ring from, on the other hand, can just be as lucky, and it’s handier and prettier too! And clover, schmoh-ver! A Sterling Silver Heart Ring can be worn proudly on the finger, as opposed to having to keep your lucky four-leaf clover in between the pages of a book. And that old coin? Nothing but old. Give it an upgrade with a Sterling Silver Flower Designer Gemstone Ring.

Valentine’s Day may be sooo last month, but don’t let the romance run dry, just because it’s now March. Show your lady love that she’s lucky to have you this St. Patrick’s Day, with a gift of a beautiful good luck charm, in the form of a silver fashion ring from You never know, you may just get lucky…

Silver Fashion Ring
Silver Fashion Ring
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Pearl Diamond Pendants from the Easter Bunny

Easter bunnies and Easter egg hunting may come once a year, but you know what they say about pearls and diamonds—they last forever. This Easter, don’t waste your time looking for eggs in the backyard bushes, instead celebrate this holiday with a gift of a beautiful and sophisticated pearl diamond pendant.

It’s important to keep in mind that Easter marks the culmination and end of the Lenten Season. So why not celebrate by rewarding yourself, or a loved one, with a luxurious little gift? Everyone deserves a little reward every now and then, and Easter is a great time to shower yourself or a loved one with a pearl diamond pendant.

Here’s an idea, instead of going down on your knees looking for some Easter eggs that are stuffed with chocolate goodies, why not just present a little box with a pearl diamond pendant inside? You can choose from unique pearl diamond pendants such as the Pearl Citrine Pink Tourmaline Diamond Gemstone Pendant in White Gold and the Rose Pearl Diamond Gemstone Pendant in Yellow Gold; Or the classic statement pieces such as the Pearl Diamond Leaf Gemstone Pendant in White Gold, or White Pearl Diamond Gemstone Pendant in White Gold. But if you like to keep with the Easter tradition of chocolates, there’s also the Chocolate Pearl Diamond Gemstone Pendant in White Gold.

pearl diamond pendant
Rose Pearl Diamond Gemstone Pendant in Yellow Gold

Who says Easter’s just for little kids? If little kids get to believe in the Easter bunny that brings them chocolates, then be the adult Easter bunny, or your own Easter bunny, by spreading the love with’s plethora of pearl diamond pendants.

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Gemstone Bracelets For A Colorful Spring

Gemstone Bracelet
Gemstone Bracelet

Rachael Yamagata’s “I Wish You Love” song starts with the words, “I wish you bluebirds in the spring, to give your heart a song to sing…” Well, just because bluebirds in the spring are practically as rare as people without any allergies, and that your heart doesn’t feel like singing, it does not mean that you’re not entitled to a little gift for yourself. Spring has sprung! How about getting your heart something to sing about? Like a beautiful gemstone bracelet from!

The beautiful and colorful collection of gemstone bracelets that is sure enough to get your heart singing (and dancing!) this Spring season. Liven up your life, your wardrobe, and your wrist with these colorful gemstone bracelets. There’s the sophisticated Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold that’s fit for a princess; the opulent Lemon Quartz Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Two Tone Gold (or Yellow Gold) that’ll punch up your wardrobe with enough yellow to last you until Summer; the beautiful Amethyst Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in Yellow Gold, reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor; or the ultra-classy Blue Topaz Citrine and Peridot Diamond Gemstone Bracelet in White Gold that’s the epitome of “shining shimmering splendid.” All these would make you the envy of every girl in the city!

So skip spring cleaning, beat those allergy symptoms, join the rare bluebirds with a song (and dance!) and head on over to for a plethora of exquisite gemstone bracelets that will give your Spring wardrobe—not to mention your wrists—a much-needed colorful boost!

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Multi Gemstone Rings to Complete Your Festive Mardi Gras Mood

If you’re looking for jewelry that scream “mardi gras” in flamboyant New Orleans style, multi gemstone rings are your answers.

Multi Gemstone Rings
Multi Gemstone Rings

For a long time, the New Orleans Mardi Gras has been a showcase of vibrant colors, elaborate costumes, and even extravagant fashions. The carnival theme makes this celebration the one time in a year when one can exaggerate and go wild in style. The grand festivities allow you to dress as ornately as you want, or go simple but colorful. No one will call you out for wearing too many accessories or parading around in a burst of color. Multi gemstone rings can help you achieve the blissfully colorful style of mardi gras – wear it with any costume and instantly feel festive!

The French are known for their flamboyance in terms of fashion, and their uninhibited energy when it comes to having fun. This is especially evident in their celebration of mardi gras, and today we still have such exciting festivities as carnivals and masquerade balls, adding a touch of mystery to an awesome historic festival. A display of jewelry and accessories marks the celebration. Multi gemstone rings, elaborate headdresses, strings and strings of beads and exotic necklaces all lend charm to the myriad colors of mardi gras.

Join in the celebration of fashion by wearing multi gemstone rings sporting the official mardi gras colors: purple, gold and green. Amethyst, amber, and emerald would be some gemstones to consider. Don’t limit yourself to traditional or common designs. Try some intricate ring designs, like vintage or antique-style multi gemstone rings with Victorian, art deco or art noveau designs. These rings would look great together with the fancy dress styles of mardi gras, perfect for that masquerade ball that you’re simply dying to attend!

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Put On Some Lucky Irish Vibe with an Emerald Gemstone Ring

An emerald gemstone ring is a perfect personal accompaniment to one of the world’s most festive celebrations – St. Patrick’s Day. Why so? Well, obviously because it’s green. Also, it may just help hide you from those cranky leprechauns!

Emerald Gemstone Ring
Emerald Gemstone Ring

St. Patrick’s Day is originally an Irish celebration in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. During the 18th and 19th centuries, many Irish immigrants moved to different parts of the world, most notably to America and Great Britain. These immigrants became the catalyst for St. Patrick’s Day to be celebrated outside of Ireland. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated across the globe by the Irish and non-Irish alike.

Lavish parades, awesome parties, and the wearing of green mark the feast of St. Patrick everywhere. With a sparkling emerald gemstone ring on your finger, your festive green outfit is complete!

Why green? They say the original color for St. Patrick’s Day was blue, but somewhere along the way it got changed to green. It was thought to be more appropriate, because it is the color of spring, and is reminiscent of the lush Irish greenery. Green is also one of the colors on the Irish flag, and Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle.” See how an emerald gemstone ring perfectly harmonizes with the Irish celebration?

You could even kick it up a notch and feel even more Irish by wearing a shamrock-shaped ring. How about an emerald gemstone ring in the shape of a heart from Povada? Folklore has it that wearing green supposedly helps as camouflage so the leprechauns don’t see you, and you can follow them in secret to find their treasure. Who knows, right?

Wear an emerald gemstone ring, go step-dancing, maybe even find a leprechaun – because on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish! Enjoy!

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Diamond Heart Pendants: Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of the year once again – have you found some diamond heart pendants to proclaim your love?

The heart shape has become the ever-unchanging, truly timeless symbol of love. Even if you turn the world upside down, when people see this symbol, love will always and inevitably be brought to mind. It is no surprise then that on Valentine’s Day, people all over the world exchange diamond heart pendants and other heart-themed gifts.

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year. Commercially, stores are fully stocked with flowers, chocolates, and even stuffed toys all wrapped in red boxes and tied with red ribbons. Jewelry shops have their best diamond heart pendants, rings, and similar jewelry on display. Not only commercially, but even writers, artists, and other individuals seem to get even more romantic and creative on this day of the year.

Exchanging diamond heart pendants is a good way to show love and appreciation on the day of hearts. If you are looking for a gift for your partner, friend, or family, take time to find a style that they would like and best fits their lifestyle. Solitaire diamond heart pendants may not be good for a person who is active and athletic, for example, since these are more likely to scratch. A sturdy metal pendant with smaller encrusted diamonds might be more appropriate.

If buying together as a couple, a matching set of diamond heart pendants would be perfect. You could go for a his and hers style, where if you joined the two pendants together it would form one complete design. This is Valentines after all, you can be as romantic as you want to be!

Oh, and who says you can’t buy yourself diamond heart pendants? If you can love others, then you surely love YOU too, so go ahead and gift yourself!

Diamond Heart Pendants

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Promises, Promises: Sweet Diamond Promise Rings for Valentine’s Day

If there’s one thing cupid would absolutely love, aside from love, it’s the gift of assurance—the gift of a diamond promise ring on Valentine’s Day.

diamond promise rings
Blue Diamond Promise Ring in Yellow Gold

The dictionary defines the word Promise as “a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.” And that’s exactly what a promise ring does—ensures that the promise is carried out. The gift of a diamond promise ring on Valentine’s Day will certainly serve as a reminder that such a promise is indeed carried out. Furthermore, it will make whatever promise you’re making even more meaningful; undoubtedly it will also make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

But a beautiful diamond promise ring doesn’t have to be a gift from a significant other. If you’re single and very ready to mingle, a diamond promise ring is just a great gift to yourself as it is coming from someone else. It can be great reminder of all the things you’d like to promise to yourself, such as remaining true to being yourself, or even the promise to persevere in life—or better yet, to buy more jewelry for yourself! A diamond promise ring doesn’t have to be restricted to represent a promise to remain chaste/celibate. Regardless of what the promise is or what means to you, has all the diamond promise rings you’d want to own!

Gorgeous diamond promise rings from, such as the Platinum Round Cut Diamond Promise Ring or the classic Round Cut Diamond Promise Ring in White Gold, or even the unique Yellow Diamond Promise Ring in White Gold, will make for pretty assurances that you’ll never, ever stray from your promise.

This Valentine’s Day, say your promises not with empty words, not with fattening chocolate…say them with diamond promise rings from

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