The Bride With the Pearl Diamond Earrings

pearl diamond earrings
Pearl Drop Gemstone Earrings in White Gold

The birthstone for those born in the month of June is Pearl. But the luminescence and lustrousnes of pearls are fit for any girl that’s born outside of June. It’s important to note that because pearls exude elegance, class, and sophistication, it only makes sense that June brides (Yes, I’m talking to you ladies who are getting married this June!) wear pearl diamond earrings. Pearls are elegant and classy, while diamonds are forever—so why not say “I Do” while wearing pearl diamond earrings? Pearls + Diamonds = It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, you’ll forever be the elegant and classiest lady in his life (okay, maybe after his mother).

Johannes Vermeer may have painted the Girl with a Pearl Earring, but you too can immortalize yourself in your own wedding photos by wearing a pair of pearl diamond earrings from, such as the Chocolate Pearl Black Diamond Gemstone Earrings in Rose Gold. This alone comes in three different designs: one set in center surrounded by round cut black diamonds in an oval shape; another is set in the center surrounded by round cut black diamonds in a floral-shape; while another is similar to the oval shaped earrings, albeit with a slight horseshoe-shaped design—because, really, who doesn’t need a little bit of luck on her wedding day? Classic and affordable these pearl diamond earrings exude the necessary class that each bride should evince on her wedding day.

Forget Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring painting, wow the groom and your family and friends by simply walking down the aisle…wearing a gorgeous pair of pearl diamond earrings. With a pair of pearl diamond earrings from, you’ll be the living epitome of a beautiful, blushing, and classy June bride on your wedding day.

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