Earth-toned Quartz Rings For The Fall Season

Quartz Rings
Emerald Cut Smokey Quartz White and Fancy Brown Diamond Large Gemstone Ring In 14K White Gold

Fall is coming, and you might want to start putting away those floral print shirts, neon shorts, and maxi-dresses away, and start bringing out the leather, neutral-colored, earth-toned clothing. And while you’re at it, bring out those matching fall-inspired quartz rings. Don’t have any? Not to worry, has you covered with earthy-toned quartz rings perfect for Fall season.

Quartz rings make for fantastic accessories—just look for inspiration to the celebrities on the red carpet who are spotted wearing. There’s romantic comedy actress darling, Emma Stone, who was spotted wearing a fall-inspired quartz ring that perfectly matched her leather dress. There is also action actress and fashionista, Zoe Saldana, who rocked an edgy earth-toned quartz ring at an appearance. While these actresses/celebrities’ rings undoubtedly cost an arm and a leg (and are most probably loaned), you can get yours at a much affordable price—and yes it’s ALL yours. Just think of it as an investment, just like you’re probably investing on that gorgeous leather pencil skirt for your Fall wardrobe.

Quartz Ring
White Gold Oval Smokey Quartz Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring’s collection of earth-toned quartz rings, are most definitely red carpet-worthy, without the painful price tag. Some of the gorgeous rings include the timeless Modern White Gold Smokey Quartz Diamond Ring (which retails for $235), the stunning Solitaire Round Cut Prong Set Smokey Quartz Diamond Gemstone Ring in 14K Yellow Gold (which retails for $429). If you feel like splurging, the fantastic Dreamlike Pear Cute Smokey Quartz Unique Diamond Gemstone Swirl Ring in 14K Two Tone Gold is an absolute must-have accessory for this fall season. Edgy and whimsical at the same time, this statement piece retails for only $770!

So hurry, match your new fall wardrobe with any of’s gorgeous quartz ring, and be the envy of every gal this Fall season.

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