L’amour: ruby and diamond bracelets

Red is a color that often symbolizes blood, passion, love, l’amour. Oftentimes, the color red is associated with Valentines’ Day or Christmas season; people forget that that month July also celebrates red, as it is the month that has ruby (red!) as its birthstone—as well as this writer’s birthday.

That said, I’ve had my fair share of ruby jewelry as birthday gifts: ruby and diamond rings, and a ruby and diamond pendant. So far, all I need to complete a parure—that can be likened as a humbler version of Elizabeth Taylor’s grand-ruby and diamond parure—is a ruby and diamond bracelet, and a ruby and diamond tiara. Now, I’m not holding my breath for a tiara, but since the ruby and diamond bracelet is much easier to attain, it’s only safe to say I’ll be getting that sometime in the future.


Ruby and Diamond Bracelet
Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

I’m not going to lie, I also have a ruby and diamond bracelet, but I got it when I was practically a newborn, so it probably won’t even fit my three fingers, and it doesn’t really count…And while I’m not thinking of purchasing a ruby and diamond bracelet for myself, it doesn’t hurt to go online shopping, and “guide” those who are looking to purchase one (for me). Several months ago, I spotted Mila Kunis wearing a gorgeous Fred Leighton 19th century ruby and diamond bracelet on the red carpet. Of course, being a self-proclaimed ruby and diamond devotee, I decided I just had to have one just like it (goodness knows I can’t afford Fred Leighton).


Well, lo and behold, I found one that is almost exactly like Mila Kunis’ Fred Leighton bracelet—just as elegant and timeless, but for a bargain! For $1,930 you can own a beautiful ruby diamond gemstone bracelet in 14k white gold from Povada.com. A far cry from Fred Leighton’s ridiculously expensive version. Excuse me while I call my grandmère…

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