Ruby Rings—Wear Them Like Blair Waldorf Does

Blair Waldorf once said, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s design, movement, and architecture all in one. It just shows the world who we are, and who we’d like to be.” Jewelry is part of fashion, and wearing jewelry, like rings, shows the world who we are and/or who we’d like to be. Wearing a gorgeous ruby ring on your finger, just like Blair Cornelia Waldorf (Gossip Girl, anyone?), shows the world exactly who/what we’d want to be: classy, ambitious, well-educated, with a touch of compassion.

Ruby Rings - Blair Waldorf Style
Solitaire Oval Cut Ruby and Round Diamond Gemstone Ring In 18K White Gold

It doesn’t take millions, a home on the UES (Upper East Side), and another in the Hamptons, to be one of Manhattan’s elite. All you need is a pretty ruby ring, just like the one quintessential Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf wears—and voilá! You are practically modern royalty, without having to marry a famous prince (of Monaco), forsaking all your private life for tabloid fodder. And fear not, you need not date a hotelier heir to be given a ruby ring from say Cartier or Harry Winston, because has its own plethora of gorgeous and classic ruby rings for much less, with just as stunning quality.

Blair Waldorf is known to favor the glamour and elegance of Old Hollywood, and if you do too, the Ruby Diamond Gemstone Flower Ring in White Gold would suit you. But if you’re looking for something simpler and understatedly elegant, just like the ruby ring Blair is often seen to wear, then the White Gold Oval Red Ruby Triangle Diamond Gemstone Ring would be perfect. Thinking of going all out and splurging? The Queen Bee of Manhattan’s elite, would most definitely approve of the Ornate White Gold Princess Red Ruby Diamond Gemstone Ring. It would make for a great accessory to wear to a gala or a charity ball.

As smart socialite, Blair Waldorf, once said: “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.” Well, here’s a little secret: you’ll find both ruby rings and happiness at

You know you love me, XOXO.

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