Very Shiny Ruby Rings for Christmas

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may have been notorious for saving the day with his very shiny red nose, but this Christmas, the simple act of giving the gift of a very shiny ruby ring will likely make her shout with glee, and you’ll definitely go down in history!

And sure jingle bells may rock, but everyone knows that nothing rocks as hard and is as beautiful as a shiny ruby ring for Christmas. And don’t rely on Santa and his elves—they’re busy enough as it is—head on over to yourself for a plethora of shiny ruby rings!

To help you started, here are my personal top 5 picks of ruby rings from that will put Rudolph’s bright red nose to shame (Sorry Rudolph!):

  1. The Ruby and Diamond Cluster Gemstone Flower Ring in White Gold—the pink ruby gemstones, set in a flower design, that adorn this 14k white gold ring are the epitome of pretty and dainty.
  2. The Ruby Diamond Flower Gemstone Ring in White Gold—with oval shaped rubies set to create a flower design, this ring is a perfect gift and accessory for the Holiday season!
  3. The Ruby Diamond Unique Gemstone Ring in White Gold—this ring features round and princess cut genuine rubies surrounded by sparkling round cut diamonds; it adds a classic touch to of style, and is definitely eye-catching!
  4. Ornate White Gold Princess Red Ruby Diamond Gemstone Ring—luxurious and glamorous are the two words that best describe this ring. It features four glimmering princess cut deep red rubies with round cut diamonds.
  5. Solitaire Oval Cut Ruby Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold—whether you’re merely saying “Merry Christmas,” “I love you” or asking “Will you marry me?” this ring will render her speechless—in a good way, of course!’s ruby rings are undoubtedly shinier and redder than Rudolph’s, and you could even say they glow. So this Christmas, give the gift of ruby rings, and she’ll shout for glee, and you’ll definitely go down in history!

ruby rings
Ruby Ring
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