Sapphire Rings: A Must-Have in Your Jewellery Collection

Sapphire rings make very beautiful additions to your jewelry collection.  Usually, when people are asked what type of ring they want to buy, they almost invariably answer gold, silver, or diamond.

A lot of people, however, are discovering the beauty and durability of sapphire rings.  Sapphires are long-lasting gems and are usually comparable to diamonds in terms of durability.  In fact, as a gemstone, sapphire lasts longer than most others.

Also, while sapphires are usually blue, they come in other colors as well, including pink, green, yellow and purple.  As such, you are not limited to just one color choice.


Solitaire Princess Cut Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold
Solitaire Princess Cut Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold

Beyond these, here are three reasons why sapphire rings are good buys:


1. If you want low-maintenance rings, then opt for a sapphire ring.  Due to its durability, a sapphire ring requires very little upkeep and no special attention.  It is mighty difficult to scratch sapphire, so you are guaranteed that you will have your sapphire ring for as long as you live, and in good condition.

2. A sapphire ring is very versatile.  It is timeless and classic, and it can go with any fashion or fad.  You can wear it with your rugged outdoor gear, wear it as accessory to your little black cocktail dress, or sport it with a formal gown for a black tie affair.

What’s more, it can be set using any light colored metal such as white gold or platinum.  You can be sure that there would be matching sapphire earrings, necklaces and pendants.

3. A sapphire has long been associated with happiness and peace.  It is also widely believed to facilitate communication, inspiration, intuition and insight.  As such, a sapphire ring would make a good gift to yourself, your friends, or a special loved one.

A sapphire ring is an investment that you can cherish forever.  It is much less expensive than a diamond, yet as beautiful and durable as one, so it makes sense that you buy a piece of sapphire jewelry at least once in your life.

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