All I Want for Christmas Is A Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring

silver cubic zirconia ring
silver cubic zirconia ring

It’s only September, but it’s not too early to get your Christmas wish list ready. Last year, when I asked Santa Baby to gimme a ring, I got a lame phone call instead, and not that silver cubic zirconia ring (or silver cz ring )I’ve been raving about. And I was a really good girl last year too. Still, at least it wasn’t a lump of coal…

This year, I’m making sure Santa Baby gets the hint! Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring! Not telephone ring!

What with this year’s wedding-boom–the numerous lavish celebrity engagements, weddings (particularly royal weddings!)—there’s sure to be an increase in the number of celebrity-inspired silver cubic zirconia rings. No doubt about it, these are all going to end up on my Christmas wish list this season.

Cubic zirconia rings are a great, practical alternative to those incredibly ostentatious, and ridiculously priced engagement rings and wedding bands that celebrities wear. That beautiful, whopping, nine carat engagement ring Kate Hudson wears? Only $30 on for a very similar, equally stunning and dazzling, sterling silver cubic zirconia ring version. Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 carat engagement ring with emerald cut center stone? Get a slightly similar ring for only $50 at–the sterling silver light yellow zircon gemstone ring. Even Salma Hayek’s beautiful five-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring can be emulated with’s own sterling silver cubic zirconia ring, with its design of round and marquise cut cubic zirconias showcasing a larger round cut cubic zirconia. The best part about it? While Salma Hayek’s engagement ring costs $200,000 and upwards, this cubic zirconia ring costs only $20!

So Dearest Santa, all I want for Christmas this year, are cubic zirconia rings from! [Especially that sterling silver one that looks like Kate Hudson’s!]

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