Pop the Question with Silver CZ Rings

Silver CZ rings, or silver cubic zirconia rings, are the perfect alternative to diamond engagement rings.  If you want to propose in a grand way by going down on one knee and presenting your lady love with a blinding diamond ring she can’t refuse — but always get limited by your budget — a cubic zirconia ring is an inexpensive yet equally elegant, beautiful and classy option.

Silver CZ rings very closely resemble diamond rings.  CZ is a synthetic gemstone with a clear, crystalline property, giving it a diamond-like appearance. Unlike genuine diamonds, CZ is very inexpensive.  It makes sense to save! If you want to spend less on an engagement ring and save your money to instead give your beloved the wedding of her dreams, a CZ ring is a good option. You could also use a silver CZ ring as a place-holder ring, until you can afford the real deal. It doesn’t have to be a diamond to say, “I love you.”

Another good thing about cubic zirconia is that it has a brighter sparkle than crystal and it is harder (and therefore more durable) than other gems.  Compared to diamonds, CZ is more flawless and perfect.  It also has a much higher dispersion rate, which means that CZ has a greater ability to sparkle brilliantly and to create prism-like colors when light shines on it.  So you can say that it “outshines” a diamond in this way; this property how people detect the difference between the two stones.

If you have decided to get a silver CZ ring as an engagement ring, just make sure your lovely lady knows!  There’s nothing wrong with opting for CZ for practical purposes, but it’s not okay to let her believe it’s a real diamond you’ve given her.  It is important to let her in on the benefits of cubic zirconia.

Also, choose a design you think will suit her.  With our vast selection of silver CZ rings to choose from, there is sure to be one design that you will find perfect for your special someone.

Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring
Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring
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