IT Girl Things: Silver Fashion Rings

In the world of fashion it is said that, “One day you’re in, the next day, you’re out.” But one thing that never seems to go out of (excuse the pun) fashion, is accessorizing your finely-manicured fingers with silver fashion rings.

silver fashion rings
Sterling Silver Fashion Ring

Fun, playful, and attractive, silver fashion rings are every fashionista’s must-have accessory. IT-girls have been spotted wearing the prettiest silver fashion rings, from pint-size style icons like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, to musician Beyonce, to reality-TV stars Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. Silver fashion rings are easily this Summer season’s IT things. Thankfully, you no longer need to have hefty bank accounts like these IT-girls to have the next-best IT things—silver fashion rings. Thanks to’s plethora of pretty silver fashion rings, you too can show off a finger (or two, or three, or four—and no, not that finger) and show the world that this season you’re SO in on the in-crowd with your own silver fashion ring/s.

With’s silver fashion rings, you can be the über-fashionista, minus the über-expensive budget that the title entails;’s pretty silver fashion rings only retail from $27-$56, and come in various designs, including the Sterling Silver Bow Tie Fashion Ring—which usually sells in the $200-300 range in other companies. Further proof’s the place to go for these IT-Girl things? This Sterling Silver Bow Tie Fashion Ring is handcrafted in 925 silver, plus, it boasts a unique two-tone design. And it retails for only $56! What a bargain!

So say goodbye—or as Heidi Klum says it, “auf wiedersehen!”—to the plain old you and hello to the new It-Girl you this Summer. Embrace the fierce fashionista within you with these silver fashion rings from!

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