Most Sought-After Summer Accessory: Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings
Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite is said to be one of the world’s “most sought-after gemstones” in the world—a fact that should not be overlooked by every gemstone jewelry-loving girl, particularly this summer season. What makes a tanzanite special and incredibly alluring is its trichroic quality—its ability to radiate a different color from different angles and axes; one side may show its vivid blue hue, while another may depict dreamy violets. And just because Elizabeth Taylor is practically the only person blessed with pretty violet eyes, doesn’t mean you can’t own anything just as beautiful—like a tanzanite ring from!

With the help of the shining sun and the warm weather that comes with summer, tanzanite rings are sure to be hot (excuse the pun) this season. Tis the perfect time of the year to sport a tanzanite ring—the sun’s rays will glint off the tanzanite stone and emphasize its trichroic qualities—a hint of blue there, violet over here…and beauty everywhere. Truly, the tanzanite ring is a must-have summer accessory.’s Solitaire Oval Cut Tanzanite Inlay Opal and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold is practically a steal at $429. Looking to splurge on this summer’s most sought-after accessory? Look no further than’s Darling White Gold Princess Tanzanite Brilliant Diamond Gemstone Ring, which retails for $835, or the many different designs and versions of the Tanzanite and Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold and Solitaire Oval Cut Tanzanite Diamond Gemstone Ring in White Gold.

This summer’s going to be pretty hot, so invest not only in some good sunscreen, but also some pretty tanzanite rings from—one of these is the most sought-after summer accessory since wayfarer sunglasses; Hint: it ain’t the sunscreen!

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