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Povada.com is proud to welcome you to our luxurious world of contemporary, prestigious and innovative jewelry designs.


Our handpicked online catalog features over three thousand exceptional jewelry pieces. For each item, we display high quality images with accurate and complete descriptions.
To further ensure you receive exactly what you desire, we also include high quality videos of each item on rotating display.


Our vast selection includes beautiful and unique handmade jewelry of the finest craftsmanship. Each item is specially designed and created by our highly skilled team of in-house jewelry designers. We directly manufacture all of our jewelry to ensure that it meets and exceeds your standards of quality. Because we manufacture all of our pieces, you have the benefit of receiving some of the lowest prices available on the internet. Aside from our online inventory, we have thousands more unique designs that will be featured on our site in the future. Make sure to keep checking back to view our latest jewelry creations! Outstanding Quality Guarantee



At Povada.com, our mission is to guarantee every customer receives unparalleled quality and value that surpasses any other jeweler. Our jewelry is exquisite, intricate, and carefully crafted to the highest standards in the jewelry industry. In addition to our high quality manufacturing standards, each piece is carefully inspected by our quality assurance experts prior to being shipped out to you.